Business Travel Analysis – Example

Business Travel Analysis – Example’s


Here is an example of a very simple travel analysis for prospect that had never considered using “lite” or smaller general aviation aircraft for business.

Basic Travel Analysis – Example

This next example is the result of the client’s board of directors (medium size public company) knowing it would be valuable but wanted the time savings quantified to help with the financial justification.  This is a much more in-depth Travel Analysis but the results summarized here made it clear the use of Business Aircraft was something they needed to take to the next step.  These types of results are far more common then many would believe possible .

Mr. X travels to sites all over the United States; up to October he flew approximately 34 separate business trips to 19 different locations.

The majority of transportation has been with the airlines doing 1 to 3 trips per week. Each of these trips consumed, on average, a full day and half of Mr. X’s time. From single “day” trips to week long excursions keeping him out of the office a minimum of 52 days in the last 10 months.

Using six (6) different business aircraft in three (3) different aircraft classes (small, med and large) we compared the airline itinerary against that of business jets. Mr. X could have saved, on an annual basis, a total of 215 hours traveling, 122 productive hours (normal business hours), 14 overnight stays and 416 hours away from home.






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