Business Travel Analysis

Business Travel Analysis

The business travel analysis establishes who goes where, how often and at what cost.  Comparing the true costs of travel in terms of value to the company.  This is very important to collect as it’s THE fundamental information from which all other decisions are based.

Performing the business travel analysis accomplishes a twofold gain in knowledge.

  • First, a database and synopsis of the current travel patterns of the company.
  • Second the ability to determine how to meet those requirements.  (including airlines).

The travel data should include executive, other senior and special personnel in addition to cargo requirements.   Additionally, the current needs may overlook trips that are not being conducted for the lack of convenient or acceptable transportation which the business aircraft could serve.   Keep in mind that the travel compositions changes with companies needs.

Then last, what is the degree of performance you are getting out of current travel methods.  Are you accomplishing what you set out to do in a manner that is beneficial to your organization?

Ultimately, the business travel analysis determines the company’s true transportation needs and what aircraft (if any) will supply the flexibility and productivity at a rate that is realistic based on financial resources and goals.  This “travel matrix” is developed to show not only how much traveling a company does, but also what it could do if it had a business aircraft.

Once this has been accomplished and the need has been identified, (or eliminated) the process of quantifying business aviation begins.  This starts with the Aircraft Feasibility Study.

Click here to see an example of a very simple travel analysis…

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