Benefits of Aviation for Business

Benefits of Aviation for Business

From those that already use aircraft, here is what survey after survey has reveled.

Improved Marketing

Business aircraft extend the reach of a sales force, or quickly and easily bring customers to the point of sale.


Business aviation enables a company to maximize its two most important assets: people and time.

Saves Time

Business aircraft not only reduce flight time by providing point-to-point service, they decrease the door to door total travel time because they are able to utilize smaller airports closer to final destinations. Also, the office environment of a business aircraft allows travel time to become productive time.


People who travel by business aircraft do not have to alter their schedules to conform to those of commercial carriers. Consequently, they have the freedom to change destinations en route and/or leave and arrive according to their own schedules.

Personnel and Industrial Development

The mobility that business aircraft provide company employees can accelerate training, orientation, and teamwork.


Business aircraft are engineered and built to the highest standards, and companies that maintain their own aircraft have complete control of the readiness of their fleet.


In recent years businesses aircraft have compiled an outstanding safety record that is comparable to or better than that of the airlines.

Facilities Control

Business aircraft help management extend its control by facilitating personal visits to remote company sites.

Privacy and Comfort

Conversations on business aircraft are confidential, and cabins can be configured to accommodate virtually any special needs of the passengers.


A company that uses business aviation controls all aspects of its travel including the visibility of its employees on sensitive missions.


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