Aviation for Business Services

Aviation for Business Services

Aircraft do not operate in a vacuum.  Like any other asset they need someone to handle it.  It also requires a degree of management oversight and purview depending upon level of desired involvement, use and/or ownership.

There are numerous organizations that specialize in aviation and management of these tools.  This list is intended to make clear some essential topics that you would need to “bear in mind” if you were to use aviation for business in any form.

To talk to some of these organizations here is an excellent place to start.  The Business Aviation Network on LinkedIn.

Aviation Department Services List

Feasibility and Analysis

  • Organization Goals
  • Resources
  • Financial requirements
  • Reports


  • Buy or Lease
  • Options
  • Reports – internal/external


  • Organization
  • Management practices
  • Reports – internal/external
  • Connection with company
  • Performance measures
  • Communications – internal/external
  • Customer service standards


  • Facility appearance and condition
  • Passenger procedures/facilities
  • Flight planning procedures
  • Catering
  • Certificates, manuals, Op spec
  • Financial status
  • Crew duty time management
  • Dispatch and flight following
  • Emergency/incident procedures
  • Insurance coverage/certificates
  • Facility/aircraft security

Flight Operations

  • Scheduling procedures
  • PIC/SIC qualifications
  • Pilot training plan/records
  • Cabin attendant training/records
  • Flight Operations Manual
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Operational limitations
  • Flight operations records
  • Pilot proficiency monitoring
  • Flight information publications
  • Operational standards
  • International operations
  • Compliance with FARs/SOP

Safety Management

  • Safety program contents
  • Designated safety personnel
  • Personnel qualifications
  • Safety awareness
  • Previous incident/accidents
  • Passenger safety
  • Industrial safety/OSHA compliance

Aircraft Maintenance

  • Manager/technician qualifications
  • Technician training plan/records
  • Maintenance manual/procedures
  • Scheduled maintenance control
  • Inspection program approval
  • Quality control program/records
  • Aircraft discrepancy control
  • Deferred maintenance procedures
  • Aircraft maintenance records
  • Computerized records tracking
  • Controlled manual procedures
  • Parts inventory, inspection, control
  • Vendor selection procedures
  • Fueling procedures
  • Compliance with FARs/SOP

Maintenance Processes

  • Work flow/job assignment
  • Turnover procedures/logs
  • Compliance with FARs/SOP
  • Use of reference documents
  • Parts control
  • Inspection process
  • Records procedures/control
  • Cleanliness/organization
  • Tool control

Flight Evaluation

  • Flight planning
  • Aircraft release/inspection
  • Passenger handling/briefing
  • Use of checklists
  • Compliance with FARs/SOP
  • Flying technique
  • Crew resource management
  • Flight records

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